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  1. To find out if you meet the requirements to apply for Luxembourgish nationality, please consult this link. If you wish to acquire Luxemburgish

  2. Marriage is often one of the key events in an individual's life. Modern couples are questioning more and more the formalities imposed by the law for the celebration of a civil marriage and they aspire to a more personalised organisation of their ceremony.

  3. Sexual abuse and exploitation Fight against sexual abuse and exploitation of children Sexual violence and abuse against children can have serious

  4. Click on the video below The legal framework in Luxembourg In Luxembourg, the protection of whistleblowers is governed by the Law of 16 May 2023

  5. Growing cannabis at home In an effort to reduce health risks and prevent crime, the Act of 10 July 2023 amending the amended Act of 19 February 1973

  6. Des amendements gouvernementaux au projet de loi 6054 qui tend à une réforme du cadre légal des associations et fondations ont été arrêté par le Conseil de Gouvernement et présenté par la ministre de la Justice.