The Ministry

The attributions of the Ministry of Justice are defined by the grand-ducal decree of 5 December 2018 on the constitution of the ministries

1. Civil Matters: Civil legislation and civil procedure – Office of Luxembourg Nationality, Luxembourgish nationality – Change of name and first names – Civil and commercial mediation – International Commission on Civil Status (ICCS) – Human rights – European court of human rights – The Hague Conference on Private International Law – European and international judicial cooperation in civil matters – International mutual legal assistance in civil matters – Council of Europe – Civil law – Benelux Court – Justice and Home Affairs Council of the EU – judicial cooperation in civil matters and external powers of the European Union – European jurisdictions.

2. Criminal Matters:Criminal legislation and criminal procedure – Clemency and review of criminal trials – Penal mediation – Compensation for victims of violent crime – Compensation for inoperative pre-trial detention – Weapons, guarding, explosives – Armes, gardiennage, explosifs – Gambling and Lotteries – Corruption – Terrorism – European and international judicial cooperation in criminal matters – Mutual legal assistance, national, international, extradition – OECD – Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), national and international general coordination – Council of Europe – criminal law – Justice and Home Affairs Council of the EU – judicial cooperation in criminal matters – International Criminal Courts.

3. Business Affairs: Commercial legislation - Bankruptcy law – Company Law – Accounting Law – Non-profit associations and foundations – Trade and Company Register – Accounting Standards Commission – Administrative simplification and Unique Identifier of Companies.

4. Judicial organizations: Relations with the magistrateship of the judiciary and the administrative order – Nominations – Relations with the bars – Complementary courses in Luxembourg law and judicial trainee – Relations with the notary, Trainee, Nominations – Relations with the bailiff, Trainee, Nominations – Legal aid – Legal expert – General coordination of administrative litigation before the administrative courts.

5. Prison Administration.

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